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Flow Cytometry Market - Industry Analysis, Global Forecast 2012 - 2020 by Big Market Research

Flow Cytometry Market (Products, Application, Technology, and Users) - Current Trends, Opportunities, Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Global Forecast, 2012-2020” by allied market research is published at Big Market Research
As per the study, the flow cytometry market valued $3 billion in 2012 is estimated reach $6.5 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 30.9%. Increasing needs to increase precisions and generate faster results as well as need for compact devices are compelling the clinical and diagnostic organization to take up innovative technologies. Though popularity has been gained in the application field of life science industry, the cost of the instrument is hindering the growth. Due to this, many researchers are still unwilling to adopt this technology in their research work. Moreover, advancing technologies that has brought complex instrumentation requires highly skilled personals to operate these instruments.
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The major compelling factor of flow cytometry technology is the advancement in the technology such as need for labeling multiple antibodies and multiple image capturing instruments. Comparing to other methods, the flow cytometry technology has many advantages such as accessibility in broader use, auto calibration and easy to handle instruments. They have taken over the conventional methods, due to its advantages.
Immunotyping and signal transduction have been playing a significant role in medical diagnostics. However, conventional technologies used, have limited the accurateness and impacted the result deliverance time of the diagnosis performed. Improving therapeutic scenario is similarly attracting spotlight on early diagnostic tools. At present, many cancer types have various treatment options; however, this depends on the time of diagnosis and the stage of the cancer. Flow cytometry has been one of the most widespread technologies offering solutions for most of the problems discussed above. Important factors restraining the market include high instrument costs and size, lack of awareness among probable users and need for trained personnel. Most of the users are unaware of the advanced development in the flow cytometry technology and believe that the instruments are space consuming, complex in use and are of high cost, thus affecting the market growth.
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