Tuesday, April 29, 2014

China Automotive ABS Market Report, 2014-2017 - Big Market Research

In 2013, China’s automobile production increased to 22.13 million units, up 14.82% year on year; the sales volume rose to 21.99 million units, with a year-on-year growth rate of 13.94%. This in turn prompted a higher demand for ABS, with 2013’s demand for the supported ABS in China reaching 15.14 million sets.
China’s ABS market includes hydraulic ABS of passenger vehicles and pneumatic ABS mainly used in commercial vehicles. In 2012, the demand for hydraulic ABS of China’s passenger vehicles was 12.26 million sets, and this figure climbed to 14.65 million units in 2013, up 19.5% from a year earlier.
Table Of Content:
1 China’s Macroeconomic Analysis
2 Development of China’s Automobile Industry
3 Profile of Automotive ABS Industry
4 Development of China’s Hydraulic ABS
5 Analysis on China’s Pneumatic ABS Market
6 Analysis on ABS Manufacturers
Report Details:
China Automotive ABS Market Report, 2014-2017
Published Date : March-2014
No of Pages : 86
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