Monday, January 19, 2015

Pain management in the developing regions could be handled by opioids – says a market report on opioids

Opioids, in simple terms, are more advanced painkillers used for treating patients with chronic pain. Due to the high abuse rate and stricter government regulations on the use of opioids is prohibited across many countries.

Big Market Research adds a report titled “Opioids Market Overview to 2023 - Opioids in Emerging Markets.” The report projects the market’s expected growth prospects and statistics for the overall opioids market during the forecast period.

Developing countries have a higher restricting rate over the use of opioids as compared to the developed nations, even with the cases of terminal illnesses and chronic pain. There have been issues and concerns with the pain management techniques in the merging countries, which gives a pathway for growth for the opioids.

The report covers a wide range of geographical regions and provides analytical data for the readers with comprehensive knowledge of the market trends and various factors influencing the growth of the market. The report covers major developing economies such as Brazil, China, Argentina, India, Mexico, South Africa and Russia.

There is high growth potentials for the opioids market in the developing nations due to the unmet needs in the field of pain management including cancer and HIV/AIDS. With the changes in the authoritarian policies, the consumption for opioids in pain management is expected to increase in the coming years.

The report on the opioids market in developing economies provides deep insights on the various market dynamics and projects the future market scenario for the opioids market. The report also profiles some of the major companies from the opioids market operating in the developing regions.  

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