Monday, February 2, 2015

The Digital Video Viewing Market Trends and Forecast during 2012-2015

Big Market Research adds a report titled “Digital Video Views 2012 – 2015: Site, Brand, Category Share and Platform Analytics.” The report is designed with an objective to provide its readers with exclusive and comprehensive knowledge on the market statistics and future growth prospects of the digital video views market.

The report is an extensive source of market information, which describes and analyzes the various market dynamics including the evolving market trends and various factors influencing the growth of the digital video views market across various geographical regions around the globe.

The report provides a comparative analysis of the market trends and various drivers & restraints across various geographical regions affecting the overall market’s growth. The report states that the digital video viewing market reached 511 billion mark during 2012, registering a growth rate of 20.3% from the previous year. The digital video viewing number was evaluated by the views on the videos across social networking channels, UGC, multiple screens and platforms.

The statistics for the year 2012 also projected a 17.9% increase in the professionally hosted, managed and produced videos, which was valued 104.4 billion. Also, social networking channels/UGC registered a total volume of 406.8 billion, with an increase of 21% due to increased use of social media by the pro and semi-pro publisher branded channels.

The increase use of mobile phones, tablets and connected devices would also propel the growth of the digital video viewing market in the coming years. The report provides in-depth analysis of the various dynamics of the market that are affecting the growth of the overall digital video viewing market across various geographical regions.

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