Thursday, April 9, 2015

Large-scale Commercialisation of Graphene Holds Great Promise for the Global Graphene Market in Future

Big Market research adds a report titled "Global Graphene Market (Bulk material, Film, Product Type, Applications, Geography) - Industry Analysis, Trends, Share, Opportunities and Forecast, 2013- 2020". It is also the first natural 2-D substance discovered due to which it has extraordinary physical and chemical properties. It is very strong and light, almost transparent, and is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. The aforementioned physiochemical features hold great promise in its applications among various industries such as among composite, energy, coatings, automobile, electronic sensors, aerospace, etc.

 As mentioned in the report the market is estimated to reach $149.1 million by the year 2020 with a 44.0% CAGR from 2013 to 2020. As mentioned in the report North America is largest market and would remain so through the year 2020. However Asia-pacific is estimated to be the fastest growing region with 42.9% CAGR due to a large number of electronic and automotive industry present there. These are the prime consumers of the graphene. Other sectors in which graphene finds widespread applications are automotive, energy, electronics, biomedical and aerospace .There has been significant rise in the number of graphene-related patent applications filed worldwide. In July 2011 there were 3018 patent applications published relating to graphene worldwide and it is not surprising that in the last 18 months this has almost tripled, with an aggregate of 8416 published patent applications by February 2013. Samsung, the South Korean stalwart leads in graphene patent applications.

Most of the companies which are leads in commercial production of graphene follow one prime strategy of product launch. Graphene Oxide (GO), Bi-layer graphene, mono layer and graphene Nano platelet (GNP) are the main product which they show interest in the product launch. However, there are many constraint which the top players have to overcome in order to fully commercialise the graphene market such as high price equipment and absence of band gap which restricts its commercial use. However as large scale of graphene increases, its price is expected to decrease. The product Graphene nano platelet (GNP) holds great promise in this regard and it would give tough competition to its main rival market of carbon nano tubes (CNT). Primary graphene producers are CVD Equipment, Graphenea, Graphene Nanochem PLC, Corporation, XG Sciences , Vorbrck Materials, Haydale Limited, Graphene Laboratories, Bluestone Global Tech, , and  Angstron Material, Inc.

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