Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Microwave Oven Brands Consider Innovation to Generate Profits

Increasing consumption volume of fast food is believed to spur growth in the microwave industry worldwide, over the next four to five years. Likewise, growing adoption of ready to eat or frozen food and emergence of kitchen appliances have offered great growth prospects for the microwave oven. Eyeing, the growth in customer spending on different newly invented kitchen gadgets, several microwave manufacturing companies are considering technological advancements. With smartphones and TV’s doing many things, buyers now opt for deliciously versatile make that saves both energy and cooking time. 

This year, the electronic giant Samsung was honoured with “International Design Excellence Award “for its innovative internal and external design. The “Hot Blast Combi Oven “from the house of Samsung comes with a sleek case and high – tech capability that powers the appliance. It’s not only the pretty face but the best technique to prepare your meal at home. The make blends the crispness of from your grill, succulence of a roasted food and crunch from frying technique. 

Since its inception almost 50 years ago microwave oven have be considered as the household staple and not much had changed since then. But it was only a matter of time that “Freescale Semiconductor” made an entry and assure that the leftovers can be as good the following day. This appliance from “RF cooking concept” is connected to IoT (or internet of things), so it can learn new recipes as well as adapt to a user’s cooking preferences. Another remarkable innovation was by “Berghof” which started the trend of digestion oven. Besides being user –friendly and cost effective the microwave oven was invented to suit routine tasks and select their designed program. Apart from those presented prominent market players such as LG Electronics, Illinois Tool Works Inc., Whirlpool Corporation and others too busy inventing. 

Recently, Big Market Research has added a report titled “World Microwave Oven Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020).” As per the report the microwave oven industry would observe a tremendous growth in the convention, grill and solo microwave ovens. Similarly, the microwave market would grow in regions including Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and LAMEA.  

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