Wednesday, October 7, 2015

mHealth Market And Technology To Transform The Healthcare Industry

mHealth Market Research
Know The mHealth Market 
Mhealth innovative apps and tools to offer increasing monitoring and personalized healthcare

The domain of healthcare industry constantly undergoes transformation led by newer technologies 
which augments the capability of providing consultation services and oversight to patients. The emergence of remote monitoring tools in mhealth market has revolutionized the way healthcare providers including doctors, nurses and staff engage with the patients. 

Using various electronic monitoring equipment to monitor metrics such as electrical pulse of the heart, respiration rate, blood pressure, cardiac output they keep a close track of the physical status of the patients. Mobile health applications and home mobile devices have completely revolutionized out-patient healthcare. Devices market such as BP monitors, cardiac monitors and continuous blood glucose monitors significantly contribute to mhealth market growth. Launch of devices such as trackers by FitBit, Apple Watch by Apple Inc. and trackers Garmin Ltd are among many others are smart ways to track your fitness. 

These wearables come equipped with various apps not only monitor different health metrics but also can transmit data to healthcare providers placed remotely, which help these professionals to keep a 
close tab on the patient’s health. This results in pro-active management of various health diseases 
such as asthma, Alzheimer and cancer. Not only this, these devices are also helpful in inspiring healthy habits, which will keep a lot of chronic diseases in control. For instance, unveiled in October 2014, Fitbit Charge HR is a tracker that offers continuous heart rate monitoring thereby estimating one’s daily activity, workouts and sleep patterns. 

The app can be pairing any iPhone or Android enabled smartphone. The large adoption of these monitors can be attributed to rising health concerns among people, integration of various innovative technologies in monitoring devices and the increasing incidence of various lifestyle disease such as diabetes, ischemic heart and COPD etc... The Dexcom G5 MobileTM Continuous Glucose Monitoring System launched by  Dexcom Inc.’s is a potent monitoring device which using Share2 app send glucose readings directly to your phone monitor and track everything right from their Apple Watch. The device is a revolutionary tool that help users monitor their daily glucose levels, as well as enable parents or caregivers to monitor the critical data using their own Apple Watch.

mHealth market forecast empowers medical practitioners, medical device manufacturers and end-users identify the industry size and share, best practice criterion and more.

Many health systems in US involve healthcare providers who provides personalized healthcare to patients residing in remote areas mostly within the confines of their homes. The patients have access to tens of thousands of doctors who use mHealth monitoring capabilities to render remote medical care.  For instance, A New Orleans health systems has piloted the Apple Watch as a mHealth tool which allows patients to manage high blood pressure, thereby helping them to lead a healthier lifestyle. There are a plethora of mhealth devices to choose from which use technology to deliver clinical services and healthcare.  

Recently, Big Market Research has added a report titled “World mHealth Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 – 2020” which offers business insights on the current and future mhealth market trends, market share and size, along with tracking the changing market dynamics. The report offers an analysis of key drivers and restraints, growth opportunities across the globe, mhealth market forecast of major segments along with the strategies used by key market players to consolidate their 
market presence. Around 71% is collectively contributed by devices such as blood glucose monitors, BP monitors and cardiac monitors.

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