Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Strategic Prediction Keeps ICT Market in 2016 Robust

Continued domination of robotics, gaming and ICT investments and shortage of talent pool have painted an interesting picture of the status of IT in 2016. Last year it looked as if the entire world was built of clouds. Unicorns were seen racing through competitive landscape. Data traveled even faster than light in 2015. Research analysts at “Big Market Research (BMR) “assessing the growth rate, demands and opportunities in "ICT Media" reveal that autonomous agents and solutions and gaming trends would completely transform the competitive landscape of the ICT sector.

Robotic Technology Will Surpass Humans:

The capabilities of robotics will continue to grow and surpass mortals in their potentiality to perform human jobs will expand significantly. Perhaps, the recent example is that of the self – driving vehicle, that can be used within a highly controlled environment for years to come. Masdar City located in UAE has such controlled environment. Travelling beyond such environments into a completely non-controlled conditions, such as airspace that house drones will need more developments. Besides this, world’s greatest economy, China is seen embarking on a madcap move to fill its production unit with state – of – the -art bots. Chinese government hope that this audacious effort will enable the nation preserve its vast production sector as staffs wages increase.

Gaming Technology Making a Debut:

Everyone’s favorite game developer Nintendo’s different game that would steal the show in 2016. Officials at the company confirmed that they would soon be launching games on both tablets and smartphones for the first time. Furthermore, Oculus Rift for personal computer, that has been exceeding the expectations of many developers for over five years is aiming at giving the communication and education sector, VR tech.  Another competitor HTC Vive, that differs from its competitors as it offers gamers a chance to move around for real is determined to show movements can be easily reflected in games. Much awaited E3 event that’s seen participants like Xbox, PlayStation etc. exhibiting their expertise would reveal some biggest projects.

ICT Investment Scenario:

Major giants are seen investing in start-ups specializing in cloud computing, robotic technology and gaming solutions.  In a recent news Sadako based in Barcelona has backed $100,000 check from Nvidia The startup was recognized for building robots for sorting waste. A Russian entrepreneur named Yuri Milner VC and founder of DST, has invested an undisclosed sum in Horizon Robotics a startup based in China. The Chinese company is planning on using the amount to further its research and development. Mumbai based Nazara Game has stepped into the UK market by deciding to co-invest in a mobile gaming studio.

Eyeing the continuous development in ICT Media sector, Big Market Research has added many reports on robotics, gaming and investments in ICT Media. These studies weigh up on the major drivers, restraints and opportunities shaping the growth of the industry. Critical business factors such as adoption rate, manufacturing capabilities, labor costs, technology advancements and competitive landscape among other factors are assessed during the study. Business performance in regions such as North America, Europe, LAMEA and Asia Pacific are also discussed in the report.

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