Friday, May 6, 2016

Marketers Double as Advocates to Push Food & Beverage Market to Next Level

As lifestyle undergoes a dramatic shift and world market influences customer preferences and shopping, the customer driven food and beverage sector tries to keep up to their expectations. Furthermore, media plays a vital role in spreading different concepts and connecting masses to new launches globally like never before. Researchers at Big Market Research take a close look at the most promising food and drinks trends that would grow in consumer sector across different countries in 2016. The team have zeroed in on and evaluated the following trends that are ready to influence the world market in years to come.

Regulations Heighten Food Safety Action Plan
Increasing regulation focus in the United States and China have heightened the safety action plan in these areas. Food and manufacturing volume in these two countries are comparatively more compared to the other countries. In a recent incident the United States Food and Drug Administration has zeroed in on a fresh rule under FSMA. Officials at FDA revealed that the regulation would play a vital role in curbing contamination during food transportation. China has also revised its “Food Safety Law”. By doing so the country has decided to impose stringent and closely supervise both food manufacturing and management.

Food Technology Players Ensure Consumers Eat Fresh
Several food technology entrepreneurs have started recognizing the advantages of applying internet of things to make sure fresh meals are served. Startups such as Eatfresh, a prominent technology leader is relying greatly on its technical skills to better identify meal choices. Research analysts at Big Market Research outline that food and beverage tech can be considered as father trying to rebrand what mother have been doing for years. A UK based food technology called Carritech Research was believed to be looking out for £350,000 for the development of its “ColdBake Technology “

Natural Food in Demand by Parents
Parents run their family on tighter budgets. So their focus is on authenticity and quality. They are now more than willing to spend on food products and services that they believe are of higher quality. Food deprived of toxins and harmful chemicals are loved by many millennial mothers. And it is even better if natural foods are economical. The count of multicultural children is growing fast. This has compelled many marketers to adopt smarter strategies to communicate with kids. Moreover, both parents and children in the United States have openly expressed their concerns over obesity. Improving children’s wellness and nutrition has forced brands to double as advocates of children’s health. 

Eyeing the fast expanding food and beverage sector, Big Market Research has added reports on Fresh Food, Health Food, Nutraceutical, Oil & Fat, Packaged Food, Processed Food and Snacks among others. These reports weigh up on the different drivers, restraints and new opportunities shaping the future of the industry in years to come. Critical business imperatives including the manufacturing capability, production cost, labor cost, market policy, recent news, consumption volume and more are discussed during these researches. To conclude, market players aiming at exploring new regions or include smarter business tactics would find the study worth their time and value.

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