Friday, May 6, 2016

Technology Leadership Pushes Healthcare Industry Forward in 2016

In 2016, millions across the world would have an access to video consultants for the first time. Research analysts at “Big Market Research (BMR)” assessing the growth rate, opportunities and demand in the healthcare indicate besides health apps, application of smartphones as a diagnostic tool would also dominate the market. These developments would help many manage their medical costs with fresh applications and solutions introduced by the insurance companies, banks and new players among others. BMR’s top healthcare trends outlines the forces that are likely to influence health sector in the coming years.

 Alternative Medicines in Spotlight

Application of at least two of thirty-two alternative therapies in the past five to six years have increased by 45 percent. Furthermore, therapies witnessing more demand consists of the megavitamins, folk remedies and energy healing among others. Probability of patients visiting medical practitioners offering alternative medicines too have increased over 47 percent. These therapies are often used for chronic illness such as depression, back problems, headaches etc.

Blood Supply and Tissue Banking Moves into Mainstream Business

Demand for fresh blood has grown rapidly over the past few years. Factors such concerns over the transmissible diseases and synthetic blood products are also shaping the market expansion. Several studies reveal that aging population would contribute to the growing need for the blood products.

Clinical Trial Builds Pipeline for Products

Outsourcing of clinical trial is catching up. Cost of developing drugs are shooting up. This has forced many pharmaceutical companies to consider innovation and identifying intelligent ways of carrying out business. One of the key in healthcare trends that have resulted from the growing prices is enterprises outsourcing their clinical trial activities. Another answer to the cost burden has been the adoption of electronic records, that is expected to make research highly convenient has also kept the industry robust. This emerging trend is associated with the integration of the data collected, data management, data security and data repository under a single platform coupled with redefining the trade mechanism and technologies existing within a company. 

Healthcare IT takes a Centerstage

In 2016 many physicians have started to experience the pinch on their budget due to CMS policies. Value – based buying programs are completely in place when it comes to hospitals. Technological developments changing the complete healthcare sector. The advent of advance technology in the healthcare industry is finally exploding. Growing opportunities in wearable tracking device, patient -centered care, increased data demands and data system. Today smartphones and wearables devices are enabling patients, medical practitioners and in -house caregivers to track physical activities. Besides this, Big Data would soon unveil patterns, issues and open new avenues in the healthcare sector. Security risks are also being taken seriously.

Eyeing the major development in the industry, Big Market Research has added reports on Clinical Guidelines, Facilities, Managed Care, Public Health and Veterinary Health Services. The study weighs up on the major driving forces, restraints and opportunities of these market. Important business factors including technology advancements, manufacturing capabilities, cost, adoption rate, supply, demand and consumption volume among others are also discussed in these reports.

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