Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chitosan Gel is a cost-effective gel and has wide range of pharmaceutical applications

Chitosan is natural biodegradable polymer produced by deacetylation of chitin. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable and biocompatible natural polymer very abundantly natural polymer found in nature. It is considered as natural polymer since it is derived from naturally occurring sources, such as exoskeleton of insects, crustacean including crabs, shrinps, prawns, lobsters and cell walls of fungi such as aspergillus. The above factor has enabled the material chitosan to be used for a host of applications. However, the material chitosan suffers from setback since chitosan is soluble in acidic solutions, affecting the sorption efficiency and thereby restricting its chemical stability. So scientists have developed methods for preparing chitosan in gel form, the prominent of them being the dissolution of chitosan in acetic acid followed by filtering and refinement to obtain various sizes of chitosan gel. Moreover, aerogel conditioning of the chitosan enables preparation of porous solids with excellent specific surface.  Drying with supercritical CO2 further enables to preserve the volume of the spheres of gel.

Chitosan gels have widespread applications for protein/enzyme separation and purification in food and pharmaceutical industry. One of the recent applications of chitosan gel by a major pharmaceutical is the development of injectable and bio-fragmentable nasal packing stent. The stent is designed to reduce bleeding after operation and check adhesions in nasal structures used for patients patients who undergo endoscopic sinus surgery, which prove helpful for patients and surgeons alike. It promotes wound healing and possesses antibacterial property. Compared to other gels, chitosan is cost effective and can be easily regenerated. Many major pharm companies are developing of innovative applications of chitosan gels. 

There are many reports in the market which tracks the recent developments along with offering an insight into the market dynamics of chitosan gel industry. Recently, Big Market Research has added a report titled “Global Chitosan Gel Industry 2015 Deep Market Research Report”, which offers a detailed analysis of the key drivers and restraints, detailed segmentation and forecast along with strategies adopted by key market players to gain a foothold in the market.

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