Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Growth in Child Safety Seat Market would be Propelled by Certain Trends

Car injuries are a major cause of death especially among kids in the US. But many of these deaths can be prevented with child safety seats. A recent study by “Centers for Disease Control and Protection (or CDC)” discloses that close to 618,000 kids in the age group 0 to 12 years rode motor vehicles without a safety seats some of the time. Furthermore, in the same year close to 650 children age 12 years even younger succumbed to road accidents and over 148,000 were seriously injured, uncovered CDC. Thus, growing concerns over children dying in crash has added growth in the safety seats market for kids. 

Another major driver responsible for the rise of the safety seat market are the strict government regulation ensuring kid’s safety. Regions including all 50 states in the United States, Virgin Islands and Guam expect parents or guardians to have child safety seats in their vehicle for infants as well as kids who fit a particular criteria. Besides this, 5 states like New York, California, Louisiana, New Jersey and Florida are advised to have safety belts for school buses. In addition, Texas needs them on school buses, which were bought after September 1, 2010. 

Organizations offering health services are also busy raising awareness about these safety seats. These organizations aim at educating parents about motor vehicle safety seats and offering answers to questions on vehicle regulations. In a recent event, the fine levied for violating “Vehicle Equipment Regulation” was from approximately $115 to a good $155, reported Schneider. Big Market Research has added a report titled “Global Child Safety Seats Industry 2015 Market Research Report.” The market research report takes a closer look at the current business scenario and development in regions including Japan, Germany, China and United States. To conclude, stakeholders, product managers, marketing executives and other professionals seeking unbiased data on the major industry drivers, obstacles and opportunities of the aforesaid market.

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