Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Design, Editing & Rendering Software Market Get a Taste of Reality

Design, editing & rendering software industry is believed to benefit a lot from the growing demand for curation software. That’s not all, we see some more drivers shaping its future.

Curation of design application software with powerful features is no longer a hidden strategy in brand building say industry experts at Big Market Research. Long engaged in the research of market share & size of the design, editing and rendering software market, these analysts observe a significant transformation in the corporate processes & creative solutions. The industry has come a long way from just making available licensed-based tools, which were earlier accessed by experts working in large design houses.

Let’s look at some of the notable changes in the design, editing and rendering software market here.

Innovation changes game against CAD software
The competition against the on premise CAD software is changing fast. This statement stood true, when a 4-year-old startup raised about $169 million for bringing in concept of accessing & constructing designs over mobile devices. Yes, OnShape not only dreamt big in 2012 but it has actually taken the design, editing and rendering software industry by surprise when it introduced the concept of mobility in designing. Besides, the emergence of intuitive and robust inspection software like Geomagic Control X known for importing important CAD formats such as NX, Solid Edge, CATIA, Autodesk, and others have also brought about the dramatic shift in the design, editing and rendering software market. Although the complete Internet of Things, three-dimensional building and upstart tech influencing market growth will take time, much of it is already visible in 2016.

The taste of new animation software
Animators are constantly on a lookout for great animation software that does not hit hard on their budget. Therefore, innovation in this industry is inevitable. One such innovation that is taking the design, editing and rendering software market by storm is OpenToonz. With Autodesk announcing its recent updates to its flame family at the IBC, 2016 the future of the industry definitely looks robust. Moreover, with major video collaborations, animation updates and VR making a headway into the creative cloud space the sector will see some major developments coming.
Computer graphics with a touch of reality

The application of computer generated graphics has become so important that even the Welfare Board of India has decided to includes animal graphics in films. Thanks to the HoloLens invented by Microsoft, the computer graphics can be overlaid in the physical environment of a person who wears it.

So with these major developments and more the design, editing and rendering software market is aiming for some real gain.


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