Monday, May 26, 2014

CDN Operational, Account and Content Vertical Analytics 2012 - 2015 By Big Market Research

Big Market Research publishes a latest report on CDN Operational, Account and Content Vertical Analytics 2012 – 2015.This report is expected to highlight important factors in the market which would help market participants to design result-oriented strategies and drive crucial business insights
Professional video bandwidth fees frame a 35.8% share of the available market (counting self-hosting sites), followed by UGC video at 19.6%, mobile video (views and advertising) at 14.8% and music radio/song plays at 11.7%.
Delivery costs are tallied against video views, listening hours, downloads (music/movies) and video advertising (pre/mid/post roll and in-page) revealing total bytes delivered by content vertical.
Operations and infrastructure analysis includes deployed servers, bandwidth percentage of COGS and retail contracts, R & D initiatives plus Cap Ex spending.
Capital efficiency compares new CDN accounts added during the year modeled against revenue and server infrastructure. CDN contracts rose by 61.2% to 54,835, server infrastructure 17.1%, with strong account growth registered in lower MRR bands.
The CDN market is valued across content verticals against both volume (gigabytes transferred) and rate (Mbps) pricing, including transit. Current and historical bandwidth pricing trends are provided.
CDNs include Akamai Technologies, Limelight Networks, BitGravity, CDNetworks, ChinaCache, EdgeCast, Mirror Image, Level 3, Internap, Highwinds, Cachefly, Cloudflare, Mainstream Networks and NetDNA, among others.
This report's extensive Q & A's conducted with top tier management, technology and sales talent address network topologies and capacity, solutions innovation, software and infrastructure advantages underlying account acquisition strategies.
Experts have studied this market on the backdrop of providing detailed information on the market’s trend, revenue share, and growth prospects from 2012 to 2015.
This report would throw insights into following areas:
·         CDN Operational
·         Account and Content Vertical Analytics
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