Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Global Markets for Antifungal Agents (Anti - Infective) - Industry Analysis, Trends, Opportunities and Forecast, 2012 - 2020

The global antifungal agents market is already established. However, it is necessary to understand and examine the antifungal market growth of developing products in terms of effectiveness. Fungi have proved drug-resistant to some compounds and therapies in the recent past. Fungal infections in humans occur due to unhygienic, moist and unclean environment. Even, dermal infections are mostly tinea infections, which affect hair, scalp, nails, and the skin. Besides this, cases of candidiasis, mucormycosis, and meningitis are found in people, which may not be lethal but cause discomfort and uneasiness for the patients and the surroundings.
Thus, where cases of fungal infestations are on a steep rise in humans, plants, animals, and the environment with some having lethal consequences, identifying new antifungal research, development and new drug applications is critical to grow in the marketplace.
Global anti-infective drugs market is expected to reach about 102 billion billion by the end of 2015. The antifungal agents market provides immense opportunities as number of antifungal drug launches in recent years have been very less in comparison to other anti-infective drugs.   Antifungal therapies intend at eradicating fungi through several action mechanisms, including destruction of cell walls, inhibition of cell division, or modification of fungal DNA and cell functioning. The antifungal therapy agents market comprises several applications – powders, drugs, ointments, and pastes.
Increasing unhygienic conditions in developing countries and in some developed countries worldwide, and rising cases of resistant fungal infections are major growth factors for the global antifungal agents market. However, preferred use of traditional medicines to control fungus by infected individuals and allergic reaction to certain antifungal drugs may impede the growth of this market. Although these restraints are prevalent in the market, the antifungal drugs market’s shift to over-the-counter status has already initiated the growth for this market. Even, recent technological advancements are easing things up for physicians in extracting and treating the infection effectively.

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