Tuesday, May 13, 2014

China Hotel Industry Report, 2012-2015 By Big Market Research

In recent years, the astonishing progress of budget hotels is a remarkable characteristic of Chinese hotel industry. By Q4 2011, the budget hotels in China had numbered 7,314. Due to its acquisition on Motel 168 in Q4 2011, Home Inns has 1,426 hotels in operation with 176,562 rooms, ranking No. 1 in terms of market share. Additionally, the budget hotels enjoy the rising position in Chinese hotel industry. Amongst China’s top 25 hotels in 2010, Jin Jiang, Home Inns and 7days occupied the top 3 in total number of rooms. 
The economic development and the residents’ rising demand for business travel will further promote the development of Chinese hotel industry in the future. On the one hand, China has a huge population base and the residents are changing their consumption concept and will increase their expenditure on tourism; and on the other hand, the Chinese government has introduced a string of policies concerning tourism & hotel industry and provides support in capital, technology and human resources.
Table Of Content:
1. Macroeconomy in China
1.1 China’s GDP
1.2 Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban and Rural Households
1.3 Engle Coefficient
2. Chinese Hotel Industry
2.1 Status Quo
2.2 Star-rated Hotels
2.2.2 Five-star Hotels
2.2.3 Four-star Hotels
2.2.4 Three-star Hotels
3. Star-rated Hotels in China by Region
3.1 East China
3.1.1 Number of Hotels
3.1.2 Revenue of Hotels
3.1.3 Revenue of Hotels by Segment
3.1.4 Average Room Rate of Hotels
3.1.5 Average Occupancy Rate of Hotels
3.1.6 Revenue per Available Room of Hotels
4. Star-rated Hotels in China by Province and Muncipality
4.1 Beijing
4.1.1 Hotels in Beijing
4.1.2 Five-star Hotels
4.1.3 Four-star Hotels
4.2 Guangdong
4.2.1 Hotels in Guangdong
4.2.2 Five-star Hotels
4.2.3 Four-star Hotels
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